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Advantages of SEADRA's Lease-To-Own System

  1. Dramatically increase cash flow every month.
  2. Earn 20-30% more per car vs. BHPH or conventional financing.
  3. Keep more than 80% of upfront money with key tax benefits.
  4. Control your customer base, the lease transaction and your inventory.
  5. Turn "walk-aways" into paying customers.
  6. Keep customers by rewarding prompt payments with upgrades.
  7. Avoid the hassle of customer bankruptcy, it no longer affects your car.
  8. Protect yourself contract to claim with SEADRA Total Dealer Support.
  9. Review real-time verification of customer data.
  10. Access preferred pricing on GPS vehicle tracking, starter-interrupt devices, warranties, roadside assistance and repo resources.
  11. Learn from other SEADRA dealers and participate in the SEADRA dealer referral program.

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SEADRA Total Dealer Support (1MB pdf)

SEADRA Lease-To-Own vs. BHPH and Conventional Financing (452KB pdf)

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Become a SEADRA Lease-To-Own Dealer

SEADRA is currently looking for qualified car dealers in various territories that want to increase their revenue-both cash flow and profit. SEADRA will license dealers in your area on a first-come, first-served basis. Call Toll Free (877) 573-2372 today.

You own the car until all payments are made.

Use tax is collected and remitted on an as-earned basis means you keep 80% of the up-front money.

SEADRA Dealers are fully protected from contract to claim.

CUSTOMER TRACKING All insurance policies are monitored and tracked by SEADRA.

Lease-To-Own vs. BHPH:
Control, Protections & Profits

  1. The #1 problem of BHPH vehicles is that they are LOST to bankruptcy proceedings. The dealers realize little or no monies from these vehicles once they enter bankruptcy.
  2. The dealer cannot repossess BHPH vehicles without court intervention, therefore time is lost and experience has shown that the vehicles, when finally returned to dealer, are in poor condition.
  3. All repossessions or lost vehicles are Civil in nature, not criminal, as in Lease-To-Own.
  4. All BHPH contracts are closed in and therefore if lessee has financial problems or other factors kin which they want out of the contract, the only options are – pay it out or voluntary repossession.
  5. Overall concepts – BHPH vs. Lease-To-Own continually favor the Lease-To-Own concept. Why? The dealer has complete control, protection, and profitability and cannot lose his property through legal means.